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Elisabeth Bathori - Dissection  
this is the story of elisabeth bathori
her blood is ours...
pure, hungarian blood....

dark castle
occult carols sound
women... crying
eternally satisfied
elisabeth did not rest this night
her youth ensorcelled through bleak eye
the dead girls are courting her
upon deadly mystic circles lines
pricking needles under ladys nails
their frozen bodies buried alive

oh, how i love to feel your breath
i lust to be the lover of death
desires become truths
evil prayers are heard
by elisabeth bathori
the countess of my fire

you are her sacrifice
you will give your blood
she bathes in your essence

welcome my youth, alike to before
more complete than ever... by blood...
by blood all is cleansed
oh i feel the magic... i fly....
fly towards the moon....
countess, it´s your night
haunted by your wildest desires
possessed by bestial lust
you are the goddess of love

her mind is insatiable
she craves virgins blood evermore
her flames will never die
surrounded by inferial glory

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